Established two years ago, MotionAds has been addressing a critical gap in the local market by leveraging the ubiquity of food delivery bikes for corporate advertising, and through this supplementing the income of food delivery drivers, a booming segment of the gig economy in this country.

A portion of the advertising campaign spend goes directly to the drivers who are essentially micro-enterprises. The benefits for corporates include locally targeted advertising specific to the suburbs and streets where they want to grow their brands. From the boxes on the back of the bikes through to the helmets the drivers are wearing, there are a variety of cost-effective advertising spots to choose from that deliver a compelling value proposition.

“With MotionAds pioneering a new form of media, our advertising campaigns focus on a shared-value business model that sees corporates able to get a return on investment while empowering entrepreneurs. It is as much about creating brand awareness as it is supporting and empowering the food delivery drivers. As gig workers, these drivers are on their own operating model. But as MotionAds is the innovator in providing advertising space on these delivery bikes, we provide the drivers with a way to earn additional income when carrying our advertising campaigns,” says Jonathan Berkowitz, Director at MotionAds.

Given the economic difficulties resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown conditions, MotionAds is playing a direct role in helping drivers take care of their families.

“To further strengthen the support, we deliver to our driver partners, we also run an incentive programme that includes bonus payments for the best drivers, and we have seen the quality of driving and bike-care skyrocketing as a result,” says Berkowitz.

MotionAds has built up an impressive client list including Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Sorbet Man, Baldwin Properties, Yoco, Atlas Finance and more.