The insights you will gain
Announcing SA CMO influencer guidelines
Content creation that enhances influencers
Managing influencers from beginning to end
Power of reciprocity – You do something nice for me and I feel obliged to do something nice for you
Celebrity influencers – enhancing brand equity – Standard Bank’s experiences
Micro-influencers – optimising target market reach and influence
Trust is the challenge – why independent data and self-service tools are key
What customers want from influencer/brand relationships
Staff and customer endorsements are so believable
Mob Influence – Why Black Twitter is a content driver

08h20 – 09h00
CMO Guidelines – pragmatic and very relevant to SA
IAB Social Media SA Content Influencer Research stats
Define goals and KPI
Cultivating a relationship with the right influencer
Preparing the campaign brief
Negotiating the Influencer Agreement
Tracking methodologies, benchmarking and metrics that matter
Jeanine Rainier, Account Director, TILT
09h05 – 09h40
Influencer content creation that’s engaging for your customer and relevant to your brand and credibly relates to the influencer
Dean Oelschig, Founder & MD, Halo
09h45 – 10h20
Managing influencers throughout the customer experience journey so stimulating measurable results
Katherine Freemantle, Client Services Director, Elevator
10h20 – 10h40 coffee & networking

10h40 – 11h15
How influence marketing can extend your influencer marketing strategy and guarantee success 
The limitations of Influencer Marketing
What is Influence Marketing
The Flow of Influence
How to leverage influence for success
Case studies
Ryan McFadyen, Co-founder and Head of Strategy for HaveYouHeard Marketing
11h20 – 11h55
How to optimise the right celebrity influencers 
Influence vs popularity
Honesty and transparency
Showing an attitude of gratitude
Complementary events and media exposure
Babalwa Nyembezi, Senior Social Media: Campaigns at VMLY&R South Africa
12h00 – 12h35
Optimising the reach and engagement of micro influencers       
Michelle Mitchell, Sales Director, R 2 Digital
12h25 – 13h10 Lunch
13h10 – 13h45
(Re)building trust between influencers and advertisers – why independent data and self-service tools are key 
Why the lack of trust? Understanding advertiser vs influencer motivations.
Issues with currently available tools, data and benchmarks.
Shortcuts to setting up and owning your own influencer marketing capabilities.
Pierre Cassuto, CMO & CEO, Humanz Africa
13h50 – 14h25
What customers want from influencer/brand relationships 
How influences impact on every stage of the sales cycle; 
How to find influencers that fit your brand; 
How to generate trust online; How to get customers to take action 
Dali Tembo, MD, Instant Grass
14h30 – 15h05
A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising – harnessing the power of staff and customer endorsements
Exceptional user generated content through crafting stories
Pieter Groenewald, Divisional CEO, NFINITY
15h10 – 15h45
Black Twitter as a destination for brand advocacy 
Mob Influence – Why Black Twitter is a content driver for print, TV and Radio.
Ayeye & Ayoba: The best and worst brand interactions on Black Twitter.
Noah Makholwa, Digital Ad Ratings Manager, Nielsen
Standard delegate rate R5,500 excl vat
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