“Health systems strengthening – everybody’s business” will be the theme of the seventh BHF Dialogue webinar* on Wednesday morning, 4 November, from 09h00 to 11h00.

Theme selection has been based on World Health Organisation (WHO) definition of health systems strengthening as improving six health system building blocks and managing their interactions in ways that achieve more equitable and sustained improvements across health services and health outcomes.

Wednesday’s panellists (see below) will be sharing their knowledge on best practice and examples and general insights into how the industry can proactively play a role in transforming the healthcare system by using available resources and changing some of the operational practices.

Specific issues to be addressed will be: Industry unity and the role it plays in strengthening our system; HMI, where do we start, as a private sector? Delivery of cost effective and quality healthcare; Disrupting healthcare, with homebased care: and Principles of designing a good benefit package.


SERIES VII: Health systems strengthening is everybody’s business

DATE:Wednesday, 4 November 2020

TIME: 09:00-11:00


Online Webinar (Zoom)

*Free registration can be completed at https://www.bhfglobal.com/bhf-dialogue-2020/