Sporting a “new-look” landscape design in stand-out bright colours, the IMBO range of products are now filtering into stores countrywide.

The IMBO brand, with its promise of health, nutrition and wellness, markets dried pulses, all of which contain anti-oxidants, and are sodium, gluten and cholesterol-free. IMBO also has some healthy grains, coconut, popcorn and sago in its stable.

Bold “shopper buying triggers” on the front and side of the new packs communicate convincing reasons to choose IMBO. For example, the quick soak method vs the non-soaking method is enhanced on the pack in the form of a graphic illustration.

To accentuate the nutrition and health values of the products, the front of packs sport IMBO values such as “high in fibre”, “GMO-free”, vegan-friendly, Low GI and also carries the Heart Mark. 

Plant-based foods are more than just a trend. Apart from being environmentally friendly, foods such as pulses are considered to be a perfect protein replacement to animal meat, and will also contribute to peak performance at work, in school and on the sports field. 

Pulses are the dry, edible seeds of the legume family and include lentils, dried peas and dried beans. Categorized as “superfoods”, IMBO pulses are incredibly nutrient-rich and contain essential protein, iron, potassium, folate and fibre. 

By simply adding just half a cup of cooked pulses to meals, you can hit your weekly fibre goals, manage your weight, get all the protein you need, add a boost of nutrients to your diet and make a start to prevent a host of dread diseases.

So, look out for the new IMBO on your supermarket shelves and buy a convenient, time-saving, versatile, nutritious and wholesome meal solution for a healthy lifestyle.