Etienne Juillard, MD of ID Logistics SA comments, “Our KWH consumption
savings are impressive as we are close on achieving over a quarter of
consumption reduction over the past two years at the pilot site.”

Dean Gardner, Warehouse Development Manager at ID Logistics adds, “We
reviewed the different options from solar, LED, gas-energy to timer switches
and looked for suppliers that could offer the best solution in each

“We decided to partner with Raydian Power Solutions and first commenced with
LED conversion as a pilot project at the chilled warehouse at our Gauteng
distribution centre and head-office in May 2017 in order to validate the
investment and savings before we rolled it out to our other distribution
centres. This was followed by the ambient warehouse at the Gauteng distribution
centre. Due to the great success, we are now implementing this project at three
sites in Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, which started mid-November this

According to Gardner, the benefits of the LED initiative include a glass-free
warehouse, which enhances safety; whiter and brighter lights which improve
visibility; and in the long term, less energy from the grid and increased
savings on electricity consumption.

During 2018, Gardner says that they will focus on peak consumption mechanisation,
as well as a solar initiative at the Gauteng and Cape Town sites. 

Source: Fastmoving