The commercial delivers a message through the reinvention of hops, that
consumers should be liberated to change the status quo and find innovative
solutions. The brand has positioned itself as a preferred choice for those
willing to explore the new and unconventional, be bold individuals and
confident to choose both the crisp refreshment of cider and the easy drinking
taste of hops.

According to Morne van Greunen, Hunter’s Marketing Manager “The TVC
communicates how EDGE has reinvented the hop from the traditional world of beer
into the refreshing world of cider.”

The commercial’s opening scene is a monk pouring freshly harvested hops into a
bag, as the camera pulls way, we are teleported 100 years later to a moving
portrait of a burly German man in lederhosen as he contemplates a hops bud
while rolling it between his fingers. 

The commercial once again progresses another 100 years to a buxom maid, laden
with tankards in each hand. To introduce EDGE, the TVC cuts into a refreshing
moment involving a hop exploding into a golden cider liquid and then imploding
back on itself into a Hunter’s Edge bottle, followed by the end scene with a
group of young contemporaries enjoying EDGE in an unexpected setting while
sitting on a blue couch. 

The commercial produced by BBDO took two days to shoot around various sites in
Cape Town which include historical buildings such as Rhodes House (the former
headquarters of the Club Of Cape Town), The Kimberley Hotel and the Crypt, a
beautiful Jazz club below the St George’s Cathedral. The end scene featuring
our millennial contemporaries was shot at Green Point Park.

The TVC is directed by the renowned film director Fausto Becatti and produced
by Daniel Kaplan from Bioscope Films. You can expect to see the TVC on all
national TV stations and YouTube.

Source: Fastmoving