This is why most parents won’t leave the house or be caught without their pack of wipes. Wipes are mom’s secret weapon for ensuring that their little one’s skin is clean and dry and that nappy changing time is an easy and happy time. 

As a mom, you know that babies’ skin is incredibly delicate which is why you need to take special care in choosing the best wipe to suit your little one. You need a wipe that is not only effective with mess but is kind to your baby’s skin too, just like Huggies® wipes. 

Our Huggies® wipes range has been created to maintain the natural perfection of baby’s skin and provide gentle cleaning, much like how cotton wool and water would be used. The Huggies® wipes base formula ensures strength while at the same time, maintaining softness. They can be used not only for nappy changing but also on your little ones’ hands and face. 

Huggies® Wipes are unique and unlike any other wipe in the market. They offer moms a great and gentle cleaning solution because Huggies® Wipes are made from 65% natural fibres which form a unique cotton like material that is thick and soft to offer gentle, effective cleaning and super absorbency. They clean gently, locking away the mess and quickly refreshing baby’s delicate skin. They also have new features such as a rigid lens which ensure the wipes retain their moisture and don’t dry out, as well as improved, one-hand dispensing, a new updated product folding process to ensure one wipe comes out at a time and larger pack formats delivering on your needs for bigger packs and better value!

Our new and improved Huggies® wipes offer mom a gentle but hard-working wipe. A happy change time equals a happy baby. Keep baby’s skin happy with Huggies® wipes with skin-loving natural fibres. 

Source: Fastmoving