Preserving any original wood finish while restoring an antique can mean preserving the authenticity and value of an original, conversely, stripping the existing wood finish can mean making it less antique, and can literally translate into stripping the value of the piece. In 1969, founder Douglas G. Howard set out to solve this dilemma as he was unable to find an answer at his local hardware store, he went to work in his garage to create his own range of quality products. Today Howard are the international leaders with the widest range of tested and proven quality wood preserving and restoring products. 

The problem was how can you eliminate blemishes in wood finishes and restore the original colour and lustre without removing any of the existing finish. This Howard achieved creating a product that would be much more than just a surface treatment, yet nothing like a stripper or a refinisher. They developed a formula that could restore the surface, penetrate the finish with stain and evaporate before the finish was removable. The end result was Restor-A-Finish, Howard’s first success in his entire line of wood care products. For over 40 years, Howard’s Restor-A-Finish has been a standard choice in the antique industry worldwide.

Almost any existing wood finish, from Birdseye Maple to Jacobean, can be closely matched using one of or a combination of the nine available finishers, these are available in a Neutral, Maple-Pine, Golden Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, Dark Walnut, Dark Oak, and Ebony Brown covering all the popular wood types
It is the stain in Restor-A-Finish, combined with its unique ability to penetrate without removing any of the existing finish that enables anyone to easily and permanently eliminate blemishes in wood finishes. This being scratches, oxidation, white heat rings, water marks, smoke damage, sun fade, etc making them quickly disappear. Kitchen cabinets can be successfully restored in hours instead of days. An old garage sale piece can be transformed into attractive furniture in just minutes.

Technically speaking, Restor-A-Finish amalgamates with the finish just enough to allow the stain in the product to pass through the finished surface. The solvents evaporate before any of the existing finish is removed, restoring the original colour and lustre while blending out the blemishes and minor scratches. The Restor-A-Finish concept is to permanently revive and restore the original colour and lustre in one step, without removing any of the existing finish. Most wood finishes that seem to need a complete refinishing job can be completely restored in a few minutes with this simple wipe-on, wipe-off process.

The Howard range 
With so many years of success in the antique industry, Howard’s Restor-A-Finish has passed the test of even the most scrutinizing of wood care experts. The Howard operation went on to create a quality range of wood caring products which are now utilized internationally joining the now famous Restor-A-Finish is the new Finish Fixer, Feed N Wax, Orange & Lemon Oil, Butchers Block Conditioner, Cutting Board Oil, Citrus Shield, Premium Paste Wax, Leather Conditioner Cream, Pine-Ola copper brass and silver polish, Sun Shield, Restor A Shine, Polishing Compound, Clean A Finish, Leather Cleaner, Granite & Marble Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Upholstery Cleaner and Wood Cleaner and Polish.
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