Accurate labelling for the agrochemical industry is paramount, not only for meeting legislative requirements but also for providing information about the safe and effective use of a product. 

Fix-a-Form® informational booklet labels offer agrochemical suppliers with a way to provide detailed and clear information directly onto their product’s containers. In this way, end users can access product information more conveniently since it is more likely to stay with the product throughout its usable life. This has a distinct advantage over a separate leaflet inside a box that can be lost or discarded.

Pyrotec PackMedia, the local licensed manufacturer of Fix-a-Form® booklet labels, has the in-house expertise to create professional and effective labelling solutions to suit any product, including a variety of highly-durable constructions able to withstand harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and a variety of storage conditions. 

Special print features
For customers with unusual labelling requirements, Pyrotec PackMedia has the expertise and facilities to produce customers’ labels that incorporate special print features. Innovative labelling options include: 

Braille: Transparent Braille labels that can be applied over existing packages or labels.

Moisture-resistant labels: Ideal for agrochemical products to make them more resistant to multiple use, spillages and wet weather.

Special adhesives: Available for applications that are in close contact with moisture and chemicals.

Coping with temperature extremes: Approved special materials make it possible to create label solutions that can withstand high or extremely low temperatures.

Enclosed products: For eye-catching promotional giveaways, such as seeds.

Tactile warning triangle: A tactile danger warning triangle, required by law to alert the visually impaired that they are handling a dangerous product, can be supplied as a sticker.

Scratch-off panels: Scratch-off areas can be included to allow for variable data.

Vouchers: Detachable vouchers can be included to encourage repeat purchases or to encourage the purchase of a different product in the range.