With spring upon us and temperatures starting to soar, the last thing any outdoors-loving family needs is a cracked Marbelite swimming pool. Leading adhesive manufacturer Pratley has the ideal solution for repairing cracks without emptying your pool water, thus saving time, money and precious water.

Apart from a mask, snorkel and a clear zip-seal bag, all you need is enough Pratley Putty (Standard Setting) for the size of the crack or chip. Usually one pack is enough for most repairs. Remember to get the ‘Standard Setting’ version of Pratley Putty, as this product cures whilst underwater.

Firstly, ensure that the crack itself and the surrounding area are free from any dirt, algae, and loose Marbelite. A handheld plastic bristled scrubbing brush will come in handy.

Mix the Pratley Putty (Standard Setting) according to the instruction leaflet in the pack. The product is perfectly mixed once it has achieved a uniform cream colour. Place the mixed putty in the zip-seal bag and ensure that it is closed tightly.

Enter the water with your mask and snorkel securely in place. Open the bag whilst underwater and take out a piece of the Pratley Putty and knead it onto the surface of the crack. The correct technique is to apply some pressure, as the resins contained within the putty must bond with the Marbelite substrate.

This technique allows optimal adhesion to the surface and ensures a long-lasting bond. Build it up with extra layers as necessary. Once all the Pratley Putty has been applied into and over the crack, the surface and edges can be smoothed down easily with an index finger or thumb.

Do not be concerned about any slight discolouration of the water after applying the Pratley Putty, as this will dissipate a few minutes after application. Avoid swimming in the pool for 24 hours while the Pratley Putty is curing.

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