For brand owners to achieve this highly
coveted position in today’s competitive retail environment, they need to
continuously engage with consumers to identify their needs and expectations,
and then meaningfully respond to their emotional values.

Innovative use of
packaging and on-pack labelling is a key asset for building unwavering consumer
loyalty for brands. This notion is supported by Timothy Beattie, Pyrotec
PackMedia’s general manager. “To unleash the power of on-pack marketing to
build loyalty, you first need to rethink the concept of loyalty. Brand loyalty
is not just about establishing habitual long-term repeat purchases of products
but also about the relationship a consumer establishes with a brand over

For consumers, buying into brands involves a process of getting to know more
about the brand. “Knowledge about a company is highly valuable to
consumers – just consider the key purchasing drivers for millennials and Gen Z,
for example. The company’s ethics, its business conduct, and its supply chain
for sourcing raw materials and ingredients all add up to enhancing the consumer’s
perceived value of the brand and can increase brand loyalty,” notes

The ‘did-you-know’
and ‘how-to’ type information allows brands to show the company’s ethos and
ethics, how much care is taken to produce its products, and why these are better
than their competing products. This information is easy to share using
innovative on-pack labelling. 

“Devices such as The Story Behind Our Wine label, a sleek multipage
on-pack label that does the job of a brochure, informs consumers about the
estate’s wines, its facilities, its history, recipes and other products,”
explains Beattie. This device not only creates differentiation on shelf but
also establishes a relationship between the brand and the consumer. 

Brand loyalty can also be enhanced by pre-empting consumer needs and desires.
“While it might seem obvious, consumers may not know the full spectrum of
a brand’s capabilities,” says Beattie. If foodies are a brand’s target
market, for example, they may be looking for ways in which to use a product or
options of something different to try. Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® booklet
labels – a multi-page leaflet label that offers unrestricted label real estate
– is ideal in this instance as a practical method of communicating user
information such as recipes, cross-promotional marketing, and

consumer needs by providing useful information helps to create perceived value
and trust for brands. It’s a demonstration that your brand offers more and
takes less,” Beattie maintains. 

“Building loyalty is also about adding value for consumers rather than
getting them to buy more product. Customers want to know that they’re buying
into a quality brand and are willing to pay a premium if they believe in the
brand’s perceived quality.” Value-adds such as collectable stickers or
money-off coupons are an indication of brands giving back to consumers.
“This shows that a brand is loyal to its customers and that it cares. If
brand loyalty is a relationship with consumers, then thoughtful demonstrations
of value-adds will create affable relationships,” Beattie adds. 

Brand owners and managers should think of brand loyalty as a reciprocal
long-term relationship between the brand and the consumer. “Communicating
with consumers and anticipating their needs and desires will earn brand
commitment,” Beattie concludes.

Source: BizCommunity