• A quarter of South Africa’s population live in the 76 largest townships
• Diepsloot – home to more than 200 000 people >R2-billion spending power
• Township consumers responsible for 41% of consumer spending
Now in its 12th year, the definitive annual briefing.  Discretionary spend is much higher than official figures state because between 3 and 4 million people are undeclared informal contractors, and they have a lot of disposable cash.  

Very interesting is the rise and rise of entrepreneurs often supported by enlightened corporates.  The rapidly increasing number of sophisticated township malls is witness to increasing spend, and yet the convenience of roughly 200,000 spazas is still a potent force, but for how long.  SEVEN major research studies will be announced at this conference, and most importantly will be the derived insights. The rising black middle class is a potent force, although they may not live in the townships much of their social life is in the townships and they contribute a lot of black tax.

Research announcements and the all-important insights:

• Unique and authoritative analysis of township entrepreneurs, a rising force, high disposable income – Andrew Charman, Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation
• Higher LSM’ers – the rising middle class is the potent force, where they spend on what, lifestyle influences- Lebo Motshegoa, Foshizi
• Top 10 townships – astute test marketing in carefully selected townships – Kabelo Ncholo, YOURSELF Management
• Township food shopping – fresh and cooked food – retail competitive analysis – emergence of niche markets – Andrew Charman, Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation
• Bulk grocery buying stokvels. What brands do they prefer and why? – latest research – 
   Ninky Shuenyane, CNZ Marketing Solutions
• “BLACK TAX” – 2019 perspective and predictions 2020+ – Thato Tshabalala, Joe Public Consumer Insights Division
• Lower LSM spend cut backs and changing priorities – Gill Mkhasibe, The Mkhasibe Group

– Generation Z … staying relevant to sceptical youth – digitally active, opinionated and impatient
– Activation marketing cleverly integrating the human touch and digital

16 proven township marketers talk pragmatic sense and experiences