waiting period:

No customer likes to wait. Waiting can lead
to frustration and churn. At the same time, however, it makes no business sense
to have a bunch of live agents waiting to take customer’s calls. Chatbots are a
smarter way to ensure customers receive the instant attention they demand.

agent transfers:

Chatbots have the
ability to classify issues so that the query is directed to the right person
first time.
A chatbot combined with automated routing
can take care of this process accurately and instantaneously, thus reducing the
time and cost associated with transferring a customer between different

Quicker issue resolution:

ability to collect information on the customer ahead of time, means that
customer service agents are armed with sufficient information to resolve issues
much quicker than before.

Improved self-service:

learning and improved data provides for both ticket deflection rates and
increased customer satisfaction. This is because chatots can more efficiently
direct customers to answers that will actually help, as opposed to the
inaccurate routing experienced in the past.

Cost optimization:

don’t only reduce costs by reducing manpower. They can also help companies
focus on cost optimization in the areas of automating end to end business
processes and also enabling new customer service models.

chatbots can be utilized to create a better experience for the customer, agent
and brand as a whole, offering quicker and more accurate resolutions.
Advancements in technology will continue to elevate chatbots from novelty to
necessity in the realm of customer service as more businesses rely on them to
improve customer satisfaction.