Only months after it was announced that HP Sauce will be discounted in South Africa, Mandy Murphy, the managing executive foods for PepsiCo SA, told Food24 that Pioneer Foods had been procuring, distributing and selling Heinz Ketchup in South Africa under licence from Kraft Heinz, the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world.

But, the licence for South African distribution expired at the end of May 2020 and has not been renewed.

All Gold vs Heinz Tomato Sauce
“All Gold is better anyway,” said one social media user. Others suggested that SA grocers turn to local producers of similar sauces in any case. 
“Locally made sauces by small entrepreneurs are really awesome and should fill the gap in the market.”
Others are not so sure. “There is only one…and that is Heinz Tomato Sauce! I will miss it.”