Born in Jarnac, the same area of the Cognac region as Bisquit & Dubouché, Vincent Chappe serves as Ambassadeur Global De La Maison Bisquit & Dubouché. 

Vincent hails from a long generation of vine growers, distillers, and packagers of Cognac. The family business of Cognac, paired with his extensive experience over the years working in spirits, has allowed him to develop an in-depth understanding of the unique facets involved in crafting and distributing cognac around the world.

Vincent began a serious career with cognac in 1980, when he worked for the family business, doing Estate and Distillery management on his mother side, and packaging goods trade with his father. 

He received his degree in Business Management in 1992, from the IFG (French Institute of Management) and initially sharpened his skills at wine estates, distilleries and packaging design and goods plants in France between 1980 and 1998. Specifically, in 1994, he oversaw his own spirits point of sale and packaging business, working with premium spirits brands all over the world. 
In 1999, he joined the L&L Group as Purchasing and Marketing Director. In this role, he worked on iconic brands such as Alize, XO Beer, Les Crus de Cognac, and more. In 2005, he was appointed Global Sales & Marketing Director at Domec Packaging Cy,  where he was in charge of Global Packaging Solutions for spirits renowned and sold internationally.
2009 saw the beginning of a new era and a new collaboration, when Vincent became the guardian, representative and President of Bisquit & Dubouché, upon the acquisition of the brand by Distell Group (South Africa) to Pernod-Ricard. A prestigious French cognac with over 200 years of heritage, recognized for its rebellious spirit, Bisquit & Dubouché was established in France in 1819 by Alexandre Bisquit and Adrien Dubouché. 
The cognac brand is renowned for its excellence and luxuriousness, thanks to its distinctive distillation method that gives it a strong concentration of rich aromas and structure. The inimitable smoothness and complex taste embody centuries of mastery in the art of cognac making, combined with the progressive and fearless vision of its two founders.
Vincent had grand visions for the brand that he has since brought to fruition.  In his new role, Vincent quickly dove into all aspects of the Bisquit & Dubouché brand and business. In the span of four years, the brand doubled its distribution globally, following a significant repositioning, led by Chappe. 
He secured key positions on the brand including a Cellar Master, distillers, operations, supply chain, marketing, and customer service roles. Through Vincent’s efforts of working intimately with the farmers/growers, merchants, and coopers in Cognac, Bisquit & Dubouché established long-term partnerships and contracts that serve as the basis for the business and growth it sustains today.
In 2018, the brand was acquired by the Campari Group, and along with it, Vincent. Designated the Ambassadeur Global De La Maison Bisquit & Dubouché the same year, the acquisition gave Vincent and the brand an opportunity to expand the company’s portfolio in the premium Cognac category. 
Leading the charge using his years of expertise in not only cognac, but in marketing and packaging, Chappe was a paramount figure in the brand’s 2019 global relaunch. 
Invoking the same rebellious spirit as the brands founders, Vincent worked on a modern re-introduction of the French heritage brand to the world, starting with a new, contemporary, reimagined pack, aimed at disruption, and bringing new life to the traditional cognac packaging. 
The new assets incorporated reflect a rebellious nature, effortless style, and timeless sophistication of the two founders. Vincent played a key role in establishing a strong brand DNA, differentiated positioning in the category, and healthy obsession with the inherent quality of the award-winning, prestigious liquid that is growing internationally. 
Chappe’s current role at Bisquit & Dubouché is the culmination of his lifelong passion, not only because of his hometown provenance in Cognac, but for the world-class Cognac produced at the distillery, along with a deep respect and admiration for the farmers and locals on his team who work to produce it. 
As Ambassadeur Global De La Maison, Vincent aims to put a spotlight on the farmers and region of Cognac- the place, and persons nearest to his heart. He is passionate about educating the premium spirits world and global consumers on the unique differentiator of the Bisquit&Dubouché distillation method, growing the brand that is long-renowned for its excellence and luxuriousness. 
Elected Member of the Permanent Committee of the National and Interprofessional Cognac Bureau (BNIC) between 2014 and 2018, he has remained President of the Commission of Communication since 2014. 

Vincent and his wife Delphine have two sons, Hugo and Lucas, and reside in Jarnac, where he was born and raised. In his spare time, Vincent enjoys rugby (“more than a sport, a school of life”), motorcycles, trekking, literature, golf and traveling all around the globe.