The new Wedgit Adjustable Soft Spray meets the needs of gardeners who have been in search of a sprayer that ministers a gentle shower on delicate plants while allowing the gardener the ability to control the strength of the flow of water. This quality sprayer complements the existing range of technically advanced garden hoses and connectors.

This new sprayer is manufactured from advanced materials such as zinc alloy and TPR. It offers a comfortable soft grip and allows complete adjustment of the water flow rate ranging from zero (complete shut off) to 33 litres per minute (at 4 bar dynamic pressure).  
The Soft Spray is offered in two options: fitted with a Wedgit Male Connector for use with a garden hose that is already fitted with the Wedgit Quick Connect fittings, or bundled with a Wedgit Quick Connect fitting (for those garden hoses that have not yet been upgraded to Wedgit connectors) – offering excellent value for money. 

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