Discount retailer Game has confirmed most of its stores will open at midnight for Black Friday 2019, which falls on 29 November this year – and that it has plans to deal with its legendary usual congestion.

Game has become infamous for long queues of shoppers waiting outside its buildings in the dead of night, but says this year it will be increasing staff and security in each store to improve access control.

Katherine Madley, brand and customer director of Game, said this year it would also be bringing in a team of high-transaction-volume IT specialists, who will be on standby to resolve any problems that might arise with the influx of shoppers looking for extreme Black Friday discounts.
Early morning shoppers can expect supervised snake-queues in the staging areas outside the entrances to stores, as a means of “facilitating orderly customer access during the promotion period”.
Madley hinted that customers should look out for deals on products like furniture, foods, automotive, cellular, baby products, and DIY tools.
Shoppers can look out for the formal promotion campaign to launch in mid-November. There will also be spot prize deals “hidden in the month of November”, the chain has promised.
It will be offering deliveries for online orders at a flat rate of R90.