“Best Practices” to increase sales, means attracting motorist shoppers through astute location marketing, stressing unique appeals; to increase dwell time is the combination of the retail mix, the right offerings at the right times, petrol attendants stressing special offers, and personalised digital marketing, and Oh Yes a free cup of coffee!  And creative experiential does create excitement and reasons to visit.

And now we are in the world of digital personalisation path to the forecourt, and the cost effectiveness of location marketing means that the bigger forecourt malls can promote their benefits viz the nearby conventional malls.

And the Big Issues panel debate will create unique opportunities for delegates to test the viability of their proposals by senior retail and petroleum marketers.

This is our fifth Forecourt event, check the calibre of the speakers, you’ll want to be there.

New retail – conversion from traditional retail into digitalised format
*  Yes, new retail is making purchases in your car, with your car, from your car
*  Data is the stepping stone to understanding customers ad identifying the
    opportunity gaps
*  And, how new retail will impact food services retail
Tilene Narainan, Head of Convenience Retailing, Sasol 
Influencing and engaging loyalty members
*  HIGHLIGHTS from the South African Loyalty Whitepaper relevant to fuel
*  Loyalty Blueprint for success
*  Loyalty promiscuity in the retail forecourt industry
Amanda Cromhout, MD, TRUTH
Proximity targeting – drawing motorists/shoppers from competitive forecourts
Gill Randall, MD, SPARK MEDIA

*  digital & social marketing – priorities next 12 months
*  how do we measure marketing on the forecourt
*  adding values & experience to increase average dwell time
*  location marketing; how realistic
*  merchandising; my current favourite promotion and why
*  24-hour shopping; how do we adapt
*  petroleum marketers partnering with the large retailers to attract existing and
    new motorist shoppers
Driving basket size – Changing behaviours at 1,000 convenience stores, 1 cashier at a time

Customer-centric Phase
*  Interviewing customers for content
*  Surveying to their needs and then calculater weightings and priorities for custometrs
Assisting cashiers’
*  Map the customer journey in terms of cashier KPAs – what to doAND why!
*  Communicate the essence all the time
Drive by numbers
*  Independently measure the non-negotiable actions required of the cashiers
*  Communicate results individually
*  Instant digital rewards for every 100% compliance as determined by mystery shop
*  Create a legend
Paul Lange, MD, WOW Marketing Services (Pty) Ltd
Personalisation in the Forecourt
Technology and data build personalisation
*  Personalisation drive better customer experience
*  Personalisation at scale
Melissa Carney, Head of Digital, Ogilvy Johannesburg
Kasi lifestyle driving township forecourt marketing
Dali Tembo, MD, Instant Grass 
Creating experiences your customers will want to remember
Jacqui Le Sar, Owner, Inperspective insight Agency