Fisher-Price is launching new toys that encourages kids to role-play working from home.

The “My Home Office” playset features a laptop with four fabric “apps,” a smartphone, headset, and coffee cup.

The playset is part of a new “Mini-Me” collection designed for babies and preschoolers whose parents are spending more time at home due to the pandemic.

“As many parents and caregivers across the country are continuing to work from home, this preschool role-play set enables kids to do the same,” Chuck Scothon, Fisher-Price senior vice president and Mattel global head of infant and preschool, said in a statement.

Many working parents are simultaneously juggling work and caring for their children, as most schools and childcare centres remain either fully or partially closed.

Fisher-Price is also rolling out an at-home fitness “Baby Biceps” set with sweatbands and dumbbells and a home-cooking “Cutest Chef” set.
The brand recently launched a “Tiny Tourist” collection that’s “perfect for family staycations” – or vacations spent at home – Scothon said.
The toys are not yet available in South Africa.