It is not just robustness and durability that matter when sawing in timber construction, but also performance, efficiency and precision. 

The Festool range is huge from circular saws with guide rails and cross cutting guide rails, to pendulum jigsaws, sword saws, sliding compound mitre saws, through to bench-mounted circular saws for mobile use. All always equipped with powerful, reliable motors or powerful battery packs with AIRSTREAM technology for cordless versions. In an ergonomic, lightweight, compact and sturdy design.

The timber construction trade is constantly developing and modernising. Industrialisation is coming into play in creating roof structures and in timber frame construction. Thanks to the industry and technology expertise, Festool is always aware of these changes, enabling the company to continuously develop products to keep pace with them in terms of their durability, robustness, reliability, precision, efficiency, ergonomics and design. Current examples include the new ISC 240 cordless insulating-material saw, the new compound mitre system with its new generation of HKC 55, HK 55 and HK 85 circular saws, as well as the new KAPEX KS 60 sliding compound mitre saw.

With the HKC 55, HK 55 and HK 85 circular saws, Festool is offering a powerful generation of pendulum cover saws with a flexible FSK cross cutting guide rail system in three lengths: 240, 420 and 670 mm. Both the HKC 55 cordless circular saw and the HK 55 and HK 85 circular saws can be combined with the FSK cross cutting guide rails. A quick fastener makes it possible to quickly connect and disconnect circular saws and cross cutting guide rails. Uniform cross cuts can be made quickly and with a high degree of repeat accuracy thanks to the adjustable angle stop for angled cuts between 0° and 60° in both directions – for example when cutting panel materials, roofing boards, shuttering boards and construction timber to length. 

With powerful high-torque motors for maximum sawing power and rapid work progress, the circular saws have been designed for universal use in the workshop, on the construction site and for assembly. As the guide wedge is integrated in the spring-loaded protective cover, it enables the user to make safe, unhindered plunge cuts. Both the cordless HKC 55 and the HK 55 cable variant are ideal for series of cuts up to a cutting depth of 55 mm, with plunge function and mitre angle setting up to 50°. Meanwhile, the HK 85 ensures rapid work progress with its 2300-watt motor. The ability to convert to a groove cutter for transverse and longitudinal grooves adds to its range of applications. The guide rail or cross cutting guide rail system ensures impressive performance, speed and precision with every cut. Not forgetting, the proven TS 55 circular saw and the TSC 55 cordless variant. Both saws are popular in the industry for precise plunge cuts. In addition, Festool offers a special saw blade for every application, for example the rip cut saw blade for solid wood or a metal blade for cutting sandwich panels.

The newest addition to the KAPEX family is the new KAPEX KS 60 winner of an iF Design Gold Award. With the KS 60, Festool is offering a mobile, easy-to-use, fully flexible and precise sliding compound mitre saw for timber construction. With ergonomically arranged handles, a practical retracting cable and a transport safety device, the new KS 60 is the perfect tool for construction sites. These benefits are combined with an extremely compact design and easy handling. Thanks to the mitre angle of up to 60 degrees on both sides and an inclination angle of up to 46 degrees on both sides, the compact sliding compound mitre saw also enables excellent cutting with maximal precision and versatility in mobile use. The LED spotlight projects the shadow cast by the saw blade onto the point that is to be sawed on the workpiece, precisely highlighting cutting lines without distortion. 

Festool continually guarantees maximum performance and precise results with the CARVEX PSC 420 cordless pendulum jigsaw and the CARVEX PS 420 as well as the TRION PS 300 cable variants. Speeds of up to 3800 rpm, adjustable guidance jaws and stroboscopic light ensure precise cuts exactly along the ideal line. The impressive Festool jigsaws boast excellent ergonomics, a low weight and a non-slip soft-grip coating. The PSC 420 was recognised for its ergonomics with another Gold Award at the iF Design Awards. The powerful, energy-efficient motors with brushless EC-TEC technology are responsible for the unbeatable power of the jigsaws. They ensure speed for straight cuts and extremely smooth behaviour for curved cuts.

Festool offer insulating-material saws for quick, clean and mobile sawing, a wide product range for efficiently processing insulating materials. The Univers SSU 200 and IS 330 sword saws are specially designed for pressure-resistant wood fibre insulating materials as well as polyurethane and polystyrene insulating boards. Precise cutting thanks to an integrated guide groove in the aluminium die-cast table for use with the guide rail and mitre cuts of up to 60°. With the new ISC 240 cordless insulating-material saw, Festool has created the perfect addition, enabling the processing of flexible mineral and natural fibre insulating materials up to a cutting depth of 350 mm as a mobile cordless solution. 

“Makes quick work of wood” is one way to quickly describe the PRECISIO CS 70 trimming saw, as its strengths really begin to show when precisely and powerfully cutting workpieces up to 70 mm, both in the workshop and on assembly sites. Comprehensive system accessories allow you to upgrade the CS to a complete sawing station.

Festool’s three carpentry machines in one the HK 132 E portable circular saw combines three devices in one the Circular saw, notch cutter and flattening planer. Its cutting depth of 132 mm makes it a real 12-tooth saw. In addition, it can be effortlessly converted from a sturdy portable circular saw to a reliable notch cutter with the milling set. With the planning set, the HK 132 can also be converted to a flattening planer, making it possible to plane tenons on whole beams as well as flat cuts.

The Festool 18-volt system offers a series of outstanding cordless tools that enable carpenters to work flexibly and independently of the mains power supply, offering, light weight, high endurance and the battery pack’s quick recharge time distinguish the current systems. There are three different battery capacities – with 3.1 Ah, 5.2 Ah or 6.2 Ah – as well as three charging devices, the TCL 3, TCL 6 and SCA 8. For most cordless tools, the user can choose the battery that most suits their applications and needs: The lightweight 3.1 Ah compact battery, the 5.2 Ah standard battery or the 6.2 Ah battery with the longest battery life. The new AIRSTREAM charging system a combination of the AIRSTREAM SCA 8 rapid charger and the AIRSTREAM BP 18 Li 5.2 AS and BP 18 Li 6.2 AS battery packs – reduces the cooling time of the battery and thus the entire charging process by up to 65%. This means that battery packs are ready to use again more quickly, and you can continue working without interruptions.

With Festool’s unique service all-inclusive package. This enables tradespeople to focus on what really matters: Their work. After registering the tool, tradespeople no longer have to worry about repair costs and wear parts for 36 months. The package also includes the following services, 10 year spare part availability or free replacement tool, and 15 days money back guarantee.