In combination with its compact design, it is the ideal power source for cordless drill/drivers, jigsaws and other battery-powered Festool assembly tools perfectly equipped to handle all jobs that require ultimate ergonomics and handling.

“This is a great upgrade for your Festool cordless power tools”, said Greg de Villiers Power Tool Guru, Brand Manager for Vermont Sales and Festool.  “Performance, handling and ergonomics are key factors for anyone looking to perform assembly work with cordless tools on construction sites. The new, compact Li-HighPower battery pack with 4.0 Ah capacity delivers full performance in half the size and at 20% lower weight. Its high performance level is accompanied by extremely compact dimensions and light weight, as the handy power source tips the scales at less than 600 grams,” said De Villiers.

“When performing assembly work with cordless drill/drivers or jigsaws, the key factors are ease-of-use and light weight. The new Li-HighPower Compact battery pack offers genuine “ergonomics tuning” here. At just half the size, it boasts the kind of performance and running time that until recently were only possible with standard double-row battery packs. When used with a cordless screwdriver, for example, this maintains the same, fast screw-in time, but makes the screwdriver discernibly lighter and even easier to use thanks to the optimised centre of gravity,” explains Patrick Hitzer, Product Manager for Battery and Charging Technology at Festool. Another clever feature, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth® technology, mobile dust extractors can be connected to the power tool/battery unit without any issues. The new battery pack also communicates with the Festool Work app. This allows live data, such as the battery’s current charge level or the number of charge cycles, to be displayed. “Fresh cell therapy” for greater performance.”

The compact Li-HighPower battery pack with 4.0 Ah capacity achieves virtually identical performance figures as its larger 5.2 Ah counterpart with only slightly less running time. The advanced cell technology is responsible for the excellent performance figures, while maintaining compact dimensions. Modern high-current-resistant rechargeable cells are used here. The result: Using just five cells instead of ten and connecting these in series instead of two rows of cells in parallel delivers the exact same performance level as larger batteries with only slightly less running time. “The fact that comparable performance can be achieved in half the size is thanks to the Li-HighPower cell technology fitted in the new compact battery pack,” comments Patrick Hitzer. “Although these latest generation Li-ion cells are slightly larger than the standard cells previously used, they boast 30% greater performance and running time. As such, single-row Li-HighPower battery packs with just five cells deliver almost exactly the same performance and running time as double-row standard battery packs with twice the number of cells. The capacity of 4.0 Ah is typically more than enough to be able to work with cordless Festool power tools all day long.”

All-inclusive package – also for batteries. To ensure stress free day-to-day work, the Li-HighPower Compact batteries come with full protection within the scope of warranty all-inclusive**. Should any of the units require a repair in the first three years, this is performed free-of-charge, including battery packs and chargers. This allows you to concentrate on what’s important, Your work.