Felo offers a huge range of unique specialist screw drivers, bits, kits, holders, stunning tools and sets, a comprehensive range of insulated screw drivers for electricians and their new Smart Driver Sets, specialist innovative bits optional tool holders and T- Bar handles.

Best known for the driver bits and internationally popular screw drivers all due to the highest quality standards that characterize the Felo company. Felo was the first to manufacture screwdrivers with the 2-component handles and the TiN-bit, these were all conceived at Felo. 

Many DIYers and workers in  industry are  aware of the problem when you don’t have the correct bit for the job, Felo solves this problem with their massive range of bits, holders and every conceivable specialist bit type, impact holders, unique magnetic holders that are double magnetized, to securely hold the bit and screw?

Torx bits, PZ2, PH1, specially manufactured impact bits for all types of fasteners. Torsion High performance bits that absorb the torque and substantially extends the tool life increasing the lifespan of the bits and avoiding damage to the screws and fasteners. The Torsion collection offers a comprehensive range of specialist bits.

The Felo Challenger range of diamond coated bits and TIN Plus, recognized by their Gold finish will give you the complete package, as they are durable, top quality and designed to last and reduce slipping thus protecting sensitive valuable surfaces from scratches.

The range also includes an Industrial bit range catering for all types of screws and fasteners. All the ranges are offered in all the various lengths, from 72 mm to 150 mm, sizes, plus an extra slim option to fit the various heads. 

The magical Felo bitholder AllStar is the most unique magnetic bit holder available today, this double magnetised holder secures the screw like no other holder, giving you automatic adjustment of the bit to the depth of the screw head. A genuine one-hand operation holder for driving in screws upside down, it also offers a quick and easy replacement of bits, making work a lot safer, faster and more efficient. The Felo AllStar is a real winner, its available as a single unit, but is also available in the various AllStar specialist bit packs.

The famous Felo Profi bit box sets are also available, again it includes the full range of specialist bits, plus a great selection of cool boxed sets. The Felo TIN range has the clever TIN Box Swift pocket unit, the box/holder is your driver, with sets of 6 different specialist bits and a magnetic holder this product range also covers the full range of Felo bits for the various fasteners.

The Felo selection bit offering does not end here as there is the exciting range of bit sets from the 30 to the 38-piece sets in the attractive plastic strongboxes complete with all you need, drivers, handles, bits and bit holders. Lastly is the selection of special bit holders, sockets, sockets sets and the best T Bar handles in the country.

“Felo’s comprehensive range covers all one ever needs when it comes to bits,” said Ryan Hunt Sales Director Vermont Sales. Their range covers the total market needs all the well-known bits, all the specialist’s bits, such as Tamper Proof Torx bits that are normally not available but a must have if you do a lot of repairs to electric tools and house hold equipment. All the current type bits are also available, Robertson, Hex, Classic slotted, ball end Hex, there is really nothing they do not make and stock,” said Hunt.      

Felo is a leading brand in the Vermont Sales operation and is available at all leading outlets countrywide for more information talk to your retail outlet or contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site www.vermontsales.co.za