Cash safes have a
long history, dating back as far as the 8th century BC, with those first locks
made by the Egyptians and ancient Romans.  It’s not a new science
therefore, but one that has through the ages evolved into a high-tech,
all-inclusive art form – an art form that, in South Africa, has reached a
technological pinnacle over the past 10 years.

In a country where
cash is king, cash crimes have stepped up to the throne.  Fortunately, and
by nearly perfecting the cash vault,
Cash Connect Management Solutions
has come to the rescue.   

The modern cash vault
is no longer a mere tin box.  Today it represents a cog in a holistic,
end-to-end cash management solution.

Did you know that
Cash Connect introduced the first categorised cash vault to our market?  This vault was born out of necessity, and
mainly because of South Africa’s unique crime situation.

Enter the next

Being proudly South
African, this next generation of the cash vault is only available through Cash

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