One of the biggest producers of plasters in South Africa, Elastoplast, will soon launch a new range of plasters in skin tones that will better reflect the country’s population.

“We are constantly challenging ourselves to ensure that our principles are fully reflected in the portfolio of products we offer. We recognise the importance of having the variety of skin tones represented in our plasters,” a spokesperson told Business Insider South Africa.

A spokesperson said that the company, owned by the German group Beiersdorf, has been working on designing Elastoplast plasters in various skin tones for some time. The product launch is expected in South Africa in the “not too distant future”.
Last month, Band-Aid launched plasters and bandages in four new shades to “embrace the beauty of diverse skin” in the US and Canada.

But the company told Business Insider SA that it is not yet planning to launch the product in South Africa.