Called Hue-Hue Coffee
Rum, the spirit incorporates Arabica coffee beans which are cold-brewed in
small batches by Eastside and blended with silver rum and a trace of demerara

The Hue-Hue name is
derived from the Guatemalan city of Huehuetenango, which is where the company
sources its coffee beans.

The 750ml bottles are
designed to resemble Guatemalan burlap coffee sacks to convey the origin of the
spirit’s ingredients.

Eastside claims
that the 35% ABV rum has the flavour of cold brew coffee but without the
sweetness of coffee liqueurs.

While the drink will
only be available in Oregon initially, the brand claims it will seek to expand
distribution to other US states later in 2018.

Mel Heim, master
distiller at Eastside, said: “Our contemporary imagining of coffee rum as a hip
incarnation of Pacific Northwest ‘cold brew’ is a premium spirit that quickly
rose to be the number one seller by volume in our tasting rooms.

“We were very proud
of cold brew coffee rum and we knew we had a hit, but the old ‘Below Deck’
bottle it was packed in was keeping its great DNA a secret.

“The new Sandstrom
Hue-Hue bottle fixes that and then some because it explains what our cold brew
coffee rum is in a way that is worthy of its premium ingredients and it also
tells the fascinating backstory of its Guatemalan and Portland roots.

“I think that people
will see Hue-Hue on the shelf and be attracted to its uniqueness. When they
experience it, I think they will convert to Hue-Hue as their coffee spirit, the
same way they’ve converted to cold brew as their coffee of choice.”

Source: FoodBev