Black Friday will start today and continue until end of the month to allow enough shoppers to buy while observing Covid-19 safety protocols.

Black Friday would have been on November 27, but this year it starts today and continues until end of the month due to the pandemic.

Takealot’s Julie-Anne Walsh said they were offering specials until the end of the month.

“The fact that we’re an online retailer is more important than ever, as the world adjusts to social-distancing protocols.”

She added that this positions e-commerce as the safest, most convenient way to shop this festive season.

Wholesale and retail store Makro said customers would have a very different kind of shopping experience. “Excited customers can rest assured knowing that they are safe when lining up for what is going to be a four week-long event.

“But if standing in a queue feels uncomfortable, Makro will reserve a Black Friday parking spot for those who order online.”

Game said because different stores had different sizes of space available, the number of people allowed in each shop would differ.

Proudly South African spokesperson Deryn Graham urged consumers planning to take advantage of big sales to buy locally manufactured goods.

He said by buying local the country helps retains jobs.