Healthcare services, support and infrastructure is critical to the sustainability of societies the world over.

Access control and security specialist dormakaba has developed a range of sliding door operator systems that is robust, effective, fully automated and designed to minimise human contact.

dormakaba’s innovative ES 200 sliding door operator system significantly reduces the need for human touch and contact, and thereby helps to maintain the highest levels of hygiene.

The ES 200 is equipped with the dormakaba PowerDrive technology which means it fulfils every demand imposed on operators in terms of adaptability to different door widths, door weight capacity and functionality.

Identical mechanical components may be installed in all three versions of the operator (ES200, ES200-2D, and ES200 Easy).

These operators are designed according to a modular system and this enables the user to expand the functionality of the system without having to replace components.

The modular control system comprises of the basic module and the functional module.

The company emphasises the prefabricated MiniDriveUnit, industrially tested and equipped with all the necessary electrical and electronic components.

Power and performance are critical components that speak to the success of the ES 200 solution offering, and dormakaba has ensured that these components are covered by the PowerDrive system.

The system can readily cope with sliding door weights of up to 200 kg per door panel depending on the door configuration, and offers easy assembly and installation, industry leading safety features, and simple maintenance for enhanced operational cost efficiency.