Data analytics give us
insight into areas within customer service, that require improvement. By using
this, we can create added value and improve customer experience, all the while
building stronger and longer-lasting customer relationships and creating stand

In order to adapt
the customer experience, you need to understand what makes the customer tick.
Starbucks, for example, has built an empire off the understanding that, while
people want great coffee, they really want this in a ‘home away from home’
environment. With their approachable, comfortable setting and free Wi-Fi, they
have met customers’ expectations, inspiring them to return time and again. Once
you understand what your customer wants, you can create a unique experience

In the “old” days,
your shopping experience included dealing with the store owner, who knew
everything about your unique likes, dislikes, family structure and budget.
Customers still expect the human touch. Rather than seeking a single set of
cookie-cutter best practices, you need a firm grasp of the relationship your
customer wants and to find a way to deliver that value. By 
gaining a
complete view of your customer
, including every transaction or interaction
they’ve had with your company, product, or brand, you’re one step closer to
perfecting your relationship.

In order to
improve customer service, you require a single view of the customer. If you are
able to, for example, customise your greeting to a customer, based on a single
view accessible to all employees, your ability to resolve any issues or
queries, as well as upsell or cross sell is significantly increased.  

Consistency is key
when it comes to providing a meaningful customer experience and building
long-term loyalty. Many businesses have successfully leveraged their data
insights in order to deliver this consistency across the board.

Businesses who
operate across bricks and mortar and e-commerce platforms must find a way to
drive a similarly consistent experience at all points of contact. If businesses
can maximize the insights gained from a 
view of the customer
they’ll be ideally positioned to deliver an exceptional experience that
delights the customer each and every time.

Regardless of
industry, big data analytics make all the difference in achieving the
relationships businesses seek to have with their customers. By capitalizing on
these offerings, you can improve customer service and create an experience that
is beneficial for everyone.