Dairymaid has announced the launch of Gelata Roma, a delectable ice cream range that promises to transform any special occasion into everyday luxury experiences. 

Dairymaid has been a trusted brand for decades, offering a variety of the best quality ingredients in ice cream across a portfolio of leading brands that are trusted and loved by South Africans. 

Whether it be a special birthday celebration, an anniversary, or even just the occasional spoil for yourself and your loved ones, Gelata Roma is guaranteed to make these special moments even more special – and give you the ultimate at-home ice cream parlor experience.

When asked about the intention behind the range, Manyathe Ramotsepe, Brand Manager of Dairymaid shared, “We work hard to enjoy life’s little pleasures, which is why we occasionally treat ourselves and our loved ones to something special, just to show them how much we love them. 

“That’s where Gelata Roma comes in – helping you indulge in life’s little pleasures more often, and impress your guests in the process. We aim to be a partner in all things worth celebrating!”

Gelata Roma is available in a variety of delicious flavours, namely TinRoof, Brownie, Caramel Delight, Cookies, and Stracciatella. 

Gelata Roma is available in all major retailers (Spar, PnP Checkers).