While the retail
sector is trying to recover from the spate of violent armed robberies in
December, the next peak season for crime is right on our doorstep. 

As consumers plan to
take a break, criminals certainly don’t prepare to take time off – this is in
fact their peak period for business.  

The trends show that
syndicates attack in groups of 6 to 12 armed men, with armed robberies as the
highest number of attacks, closely followed by business burglaries.

The common use of
plastic explosives in the execution of an armed robbery against cash deposit
devices and the dramatic increase in this kind of attack suggests that
criminals are enjoying an abnormally high degree of success and that many of
the devices in use are not strong enough to offer the type of resistance
necessary to discourage them.

During a burglary,
the findings show that general retail stores that only trade during the day
time are attacked when the stores are closed for business – the pattern with
these occurrences is that an assortment of cutting machines, angle grinders and
the like are generally used to access the safes.  

It is a commonly held
view in the security industry that more than 90% of all attacks on business
involve participation from the inside.

“Our cash vault
technology, which is built to SABS Category 4 standards, has been vigorously
tested over the past few years by determined criminals using every kind of tool
from explosives to sledge hammers. It has undeniably delivered on the level of
deterrence and defence, necessary to discourage a repetitive attack of violent
crime,” says Phillips.

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