The Coca-Cola Company has launched two new flavours to its much loved Cappy fruit juice blend brand, Cappy Burst.

The new, affordable drink available in returnable glass bottles will hit the shelves of local retailers, spaza shops, and wholesalers nationwide this month and comes in two refreshingly affordable flavours, Cappy Orange Burst and Cappy Apple Burst.

“The Cappy brand has seen phenomenal success in South Africa and steady growth in the two years since we launched the brand, and it’s become one of the top ready-to-drink juices,” says Luis Avellar, General Manager of Coca-Cola in South Africa. “Now we’ve introduced more variations and packaging so even more people can enjoy the brand for less.”

The deliciously refreshing drink will appeal to a younger, on-the-go consumer. Cappy Burst bottles feature the distinctive black Cappy logo on a transparent PET or returnable glass bottle. The new returnable glass bottles are part of the company’s World Without Waste vision to increase the amount of returnable packaging in the system.

The Cappy brand has also launched a new advertising campaign, “Nurture the Moment”, which invites people to find the beauty in simple moments of connection. The campaign is being rolled out across TV, radio, outdoor media, digital and social media.  

The striking creative behind the campaign bridges the brand’s historic place at the family table into a conversation. Cappy recognises that emotional nourishment derived from life’s every day moments matters.

“I’m excited about this campaign as it touches upon something that 2020 has taught us – that family moments are important. And although life can be busy and complicated, no moment is too big or small to be nurtured by the bold and refreshing taste of Cappy”, says Stephan Czypionka, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Southern & East Africa. “South Africa will be the first market to air this new versatile campaign, followed by numerous other markets across Africa in 2021, which will help strengthen our juice brands”.