CSI is often an afterthought, but Clover’s corporate sustainability initiative
is far more than a few cheque handovers or a once-off food parcel delivery. A
full team of passionate and productive women fly the CSI flag high for Clover,
running the successful Clover Mama Afrika Project. 

Clover Mama Afrika is a truly sustainable initiative that started 14 years ago.
The project leads find women from all corners of South Africa who are already
helping their communities, and further train and support them to be the best
they can be. The Clover ‘mamas’ grow and share their knowledge, providing work
opportunities to their communities while they continue to provide services that
are needed, from centres for the elderly to community food gardens and

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the achievements of Clover Mama Afrika in

Passionate mamas
Mama Rosie Mashale made the Clover team extremely proud when she was awarded a
top ten placement in CNN’s Heroes: An All-Star Tribute! Clover Mama Afrika
Project founder, Professor Elain Vlok couldn’t be prouder, “Mama Rosie is one
of our first four Clover Mamas appointed in 2004, she is a special,
kind-hearted woman that we both admire and respect. Sustainability has always
been a key driver for her. She is deserving of this award!”

Mama Rosie founded Baphumelele, which functions as both an education centre and
a home for abandoned or orphaned children and children living with HIV. Listen
to her interview on East Coast Radio here, or watch her video clip on

An award-winning initiative
Apart from the mama’s success, the Clover Mama Afrika project reeled in some
awards of their own, proving just how successful the project is. The initiative
was announced as a finalist in the ‘Play your part’ category of the South
African Premier Business Awards, with winners being announced on 30 January

It also secured the renowned Trialogue Strategic Corporate Social Investment
(CSI) Award, won for women with the Gender Mainstream Women Empowerment In The
Community Award, and secured the PMR Diamond Arrow Award for the tenth
consecutive year, all in 2017! 

Skills training that teaches a gal to fish, rather than providing a fish
At the heart of the initiative is skills training and transfer – the essence of
why the project does so well. During 2017, the initiative facilitated 19 skills
training sessions and trained a total of 95 beneficiaries. Since 2004, that’s
353 training sessions and 2066 beneficiaries! 

Last year, skills training focused on sewing, quilting, advanced cooking and
baking, on-site bread baking with Siyabonga Africa, as well as art skills
development. Clover mamas then further transferred their skills to an
additional 621 people last year! Interestingly, training in cooking and baking
increased significantly in 2017, indicating a growing demand for catering
services in communities.

Prof. Vlok concludes, “Each year we are surprised and satisfied with
the difference the initiative makes, we start 2018 with a fresh perspective and
the wonderful ‘Smarties Week’, an event that brings together our mamas for a
full week of training. What better way to welcome the new year than with new


Source: Fastmoving