paint trays have the capacity of one or two litres forcing painters to
constantly pour paint into trays when doing a large job. This causes paint to
spill creating mess and wastage. At the end of a paint job the tray needs to be
washed creating further wastage of paint and extra.

the new Flip ‘n Roll paint is packed in a 20L container which contains a built
in tray. Paint no longer needs to be poured into a smaller tray making
the job cleaner and faster with much less wastage as now there will be no
constant pouring and spilling. At the end of the job the lid is simply
closed and all the paint will be contained on the inside of the pail making the
job faster and cleaner with no washing required.
 This product is
revolutionary and innovative and Olympic Paints is the first and only
company in the world to present this cleaner, faster and innovative product
make painting an easy and enjoyable experience.

Olympic Paints