Your choice of colour should be guided by specific features of your home.

A great paint job will not only enhance the appeal of your home but also has the potential to boost its resale value; how then does one decide on the right paint colour to choose?

The best colours – or colour combinations – are typically those which bring out your home’s most beautiful features. For example, you should consider your home’s connection to the streetscape and its surrounding landscape; is it located away from the road verge? Or is it situated amongst greenery in your garden?  If so, you may want to choose lighter or brighter shades of colour so that the property can stand out, while darker colours will cause it to recede.

Your home’s architectural style is another important consideration. For example, certain ‘standard’ or ‘common’ colour schemes are preferred for Cape Dutch or country-inspired houses, while for the more contemporary-style homes, you can paint it according to your preferred colour craze.

The size of your home should also be a consideration when choosing your colour.
You may choose to tone up or tone down certain of your home’s features, depending on the proportions. Lighter colours have the ability to expand a home or feature, while darker colours typically tend to shrink them. If your main colour is dark, white trims for windows are advised. If you’re a brave heart, try and experiment bold with accent colours, but in moderation.

Your colour inspirations can also come from your surrounding environment
Your colour inspirations for your home can even be drawn from your landscaping, or fixed elements which will not change in the foreseeable future, such as your driveway or your roof.
Let Olympia Paints help you choose your colour
If you’re still hard pressed to make a choice, we’re ready to assist you at Olympia Paints. As a locally-manufactured brand, we are able to identify with the needs of our South African customers; our premium-quality paint incorporates the best in quality, and environmentally-friendly materials with YOU, our customer, in mind.  We’d be happy to assist you with coordinating your interior and exterior colour preferences.
Our wide selection of interior-, exterior-, and roof paints, along with our wood varnishes come in a range of shades to suit your every colour fancy.
So whether you’re in the market for hues of blue; bright, natural hues like beige to shades of honey; soft greys and colours such as sage with grey undertones; coral shades, blending oranges and pinks; deep green to khaki tones, you can find what you need, and more, by contacting us on 086 111 4442 or view our vast selection of colours:

Shop our paint products from the comfort of your home or office
According to Santander Trade Portal, while e-Commerce is a relatively new trend in South Africa, it is growing rapidly. As more consumers are opting to shop online from the comforts of their home or office, particularly during lockdown, at Olympia we have made it possible for you to shop our paint products online.
As a further confirmation of our quality assurance to you, we are able to manufacture test samples so that you are able to try out your favourite colour on a section of your home before confirming your order. Test samples are quoted upon request.
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