Following the outbreak of the wildfire in the Jonkershoek Valley, Checkers reached out to support the firefighters battling the blaze with essentials including water, food & eyedrops.

Checkers has ensured that the crew of 200+ are well equipped by donating bottled water, eyedrops, energy drinks and bars, as well as fruit, nuts and other snacks.

“A big thank you to Checkers for their generous donation, and for ensuring our firefighters have the necessary sustenance to tackle the mammoth task of getting this wildfire under control.” – Shezayd Seigels, Head: Disaster Management at Stellenbosch Municipality.

“The Western Cape’s annual fire season is in full swing, and we will always avail our resources to help when disaster strikes, especially in the communities we serve.” – Lunga Schoeman, CSI Manager for the Shoprite Group.