Farmer Angus grass fed beef burger patties can now be found in all Checkers stores nationwide. 

This move by Checkers gives the emerging regenerative agricultural movement the boost it needs to not only give customers access to beef that is nutrient dense, growth hormone and grain free, but that is also a major contributor to reversing climate change and promoting employment. 

Over 99% of the beef sold in South Africa comes from feedlots where the cattle are fed grains and antibiotics. The cattle from Farmer Angus are raised on the Spier Wine Farm, in Stellenbosch by Angus McIntosh, where they practice rotational grazing. 

This method of raising livestock ensures that carbon increases in the soil. With more carbon in the soil, the farm is far more resilient against drought because the soil can retain more water. It also means there are a lot more nutrients necessary for healthy plant life. 

Since 2013, Farmer Angus has been able to sell carbon credits for increasing the carbon of the soil in the pastures where his cattle graze. The last payout in 2020 resulted in his cattle herdsman receiving R100,000, which enabled him to buy his first house. 

“There are so many benefits to farming the way we do. Everybody wins. Nature, animals, and people. Since we signed this deal with Checkers, we’ve been able to increase the number of cattle on our farm and in doing so employed four new staff members. 

“The next soil carbon audit takes place in 2023 and with more cattle we expect to see bigger increases in the carbon.” says McIntosh.

For many consumers who shop according to price, what will excite them is that these grass fed burgers are being sold for less per kilogram than the grain fed, feedlot burgers currently in store making them not only good for your health and the environment but easy on the pocket. 

“We have been working on this product offering with Checkers since late 2020 and in this time the team at Checkers have been very supportive especially Shaun Kerr, Renaldo Philips, Thandeka Mbhele and Arno Abeln.” Concludes McIntosh. 

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