The CSSCP Course will be a comprehensive supply chain education course that integrates sustainability into all chapters within the course. The topics will be supplemented with real industry examples of sustainable supply chain in practice. 

These may be initiatives, goals, or current programmes that are being executed within diverse industries to move toward a circular supply chain. 

The CSSCP programme is applicable to all global industries: transportation, agriculture, fashion, energy, etc. The CSSCP program will educate employees and industry on ways to add sustainable practices to the existing supply chain or how to rebuild current supply chain with sustainability in mind. 
The end goal of the CSSCP course is to educate all professionals on how to maximize success of supply chain in a way that protects the future of the planet and is sustainable in nature without sacrificing supply chain efficiency. 
The course aims to show that sustainability and optimized supply chain are not mutually exclusive, but rather can complement each other. The CSSCP programme will also support some of the UN SDGs and can be used to educate those who are interested in pledging to the SDG Ambition goals.
Course Includes: (Level 1 Certification)
  • 24 classroom hours led by an experienced supply chain management expert.
  • Study guide with all slides and exercises.
  • 4 hours program review.
  • Multiple choice exam (70% minimum pass mark)
Pre-requisites: None but basic supply chain knowledge recommended

Perfect program for:
  • All level supply chain or sustainability professionals.
  • Organizations in need of a baseline integrating sustainability into their supply chain team.
  • Individuals involved in sustainable supply chain improvement projects or systems implementation (eg. corporate responsibility, pledged UN SDG Ambition Goals).
  • Proactive individuals looking to acquire relevant information on sustainable supply chain practices.
Prices: SAPICS MEMBER: R 7 500 Excl. VAT Per person. NON-MEMBER: R 9 000 Excl. VAT Per person

Date: Monday, 22 June 2021 to Thursday 24 June 2021

Time: 14h00 – 18h00 SAST, CAT, GMT+2