Fuel and Convenience Retailing

10 retail trends for 2019

For the retail sector as a whole - and for physical stores in particular - 2019 will be a year of reinvention, a recently...

Even rich South Africans are looking for cheaper places to buy...

Even rich South Africans are trying to save money on their monthly expenses, a new survey suggests, and they are increasingly trading down to...

Discount-obsessed South Africans being trained to buy on promotion

South Africa is home to a nation of discount-obsessed shoppers. According to a newly released Nielsen report, 31% actively search for promotions and 16%...


You can almost hear it now, can’t you? The toe-tapping, the frustrated sighs, and the inaudible eye rolls. Instead of accepting it, let’s learn how to speed up the retail checkout process.

Report shows average of 800 hours spent using mobile internet this...

An average of 800 hours will be spent using mobile internet this year - that's equivalent to 33 days without sleep or pause, according...

SASKO Sandwich Stories evoke childhood memories

SASKO's new campaign celebrates the sandwich

Embattled Tongaat to slash R1bn in cost-cutting drive

Farmers’ meeting told of ambitious overhaul

Local Manufacturing Expo highlights the demand for local products

There is a driving need to increase the volume of locally manufactured goods

Consumers relying more on credit to survive

Consumers are increasingly relying on their credit cards and personal loans for daily survival, the latest statistics from one of the major credit bureaus reveal.

Stimorol unpacks flavourful multisensorial experience – The Flavour Waves Creator

The Stimorol Flavour Waves Creator is a digital platform designed to create versatile depictions of what Stimorol Waves is all about.

Ulundi Grandad wins a 1.4 Polo Vivo for his granddaughter

Congratulations to Johnson B Sibiya, the first of four lucky winners in Engen’s “Ditch the cold and catch the cool competition”. Johnson gifted his...


Shoes made from ocean plastics, packaging material made from mushrooms and a green partnership between Ford and Heinz to build car parts from tomato fibre are examples of the circular economy in action.

New Peanut Butter Wants To Claw Into SA’s R1bn Market

WOW! is a punchy a new arrival on the SA peanut butter scene recently launched by Martizburg-based International Food Group (IFG).

Lunch levels up – Blue Ribbon introduces all new health squares

One of the country's most recognised and loved home brands has given South Africans a whole new world of healthier options to keep taste...

Effectively integrating digital and real-world retail

Digital transformation (or as many see it - disruption) has been a hot button topic across industry sectors in recent times. With almost 65%...

New look and taste for Sunshine D

South African margarine and spreads brand, Sunshine D, is sporting a refreshed taste and packaging design. Sunshine D is one of the premier brands of Willowton Group, a South African family-owned FMCG company best known for its edible oil products.

At The Hardy Boys, the future tastes good

The Hardy Boys celebrate Rama pitch win

Robots may displace 20 million manufacturing jobs by 2030

Robots are on track to wipe out almost a tenth of the world’s manufacturing jobs with the brunt borne by lower-income areas in developed nations, Oxford Economics says.