The Ultimate Guide to Effective In-Store Promotions and Demos

Billboards and commercials are excellent at building awareness within the general public.  Nothing, however, comes close to the effectiveness and influence in-store promotions have...

Employment Law

Jacqui Reed is Retail Brief Africa's newest contributor, offering employment law insights.She is an attorney and the founder of Reed Law Inc, a dynamic law...


Supply chain professionals from around the world will converge in Cape Town next week for the annual SAPICS Conference, Africa’s leading knowledge sharing and networking event for the supply chain profession.

Standard Bank is closing more than 100 branches – here’s the...

On Monday, Standard Bank announced the full list of branch closures - and more branches than expected will close down.

Nearly Half of All Retail Sales Jobs May Soon Be Replaced...

Soon enough, almost no existing occupation will be unaffected by technology.

We tested baby food sugar levels in South Africa. This is...

South Africa has the highest rates of childhood obesity in the world, with an alarming figure of 13%. The global average stands at 6%. One of the main causes of South Africa's rate is the rapid growth of the country's commercial food industry. This has led to increased consumption of cheap, easily accessible and ultra-processed food that is high in sugar.

Nestlé launches innovation challenge in 6 African countries

Nestlé has launched a Research and Development (R&D) innovation challenge in sub-Saharan Africa to provide a platform for startups and universities to contribute to local sustainable growth by bringing breakthrough ideas to the market. The challenge kicked off yesterday in Ghana, but will also take place in Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa.


Keabetswe Mpane has been appointed president of SAPICS (The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management).

Massmart Recognises Nestlé For Industry-leading Commitment To Environmental Sustainability

Massmart is pleased to announce that Nestlé was today awarded top honours at the Massmart Supplier Environmental Awards. Now in their fifth year, the awards recognise top performing suppliers who have demonstrated an industry leading commitment to sustainable supply chain management.

SACEEC recognises local manufacturing exporters at inaugural Exporter of the...

The SACEEC Exporter of the Year Awards were presented at the inaugural Local Southern African Manufacturing Expo (LME) on 22 May 2019.

Visual Merchandising 101: Shore Up Sales With High-Converting Product Displays

When walking into a typical retail store, you'll likely notice tidy, curated product displays that visually highlight their items for sale. Those products aren't arranged that way by accident—the merchant is using visual merchandising best practices to help the products sell themselves.

Local Southern African Manufacturing Expo is the definitive platform for local...

According to Eric Bruggeman, CEO at the South African Capital Equipment Export Council (SACEEC), it is critical for the sustainability of local manufacturing operations that they aggressively pursue opportunities to increase their market share.


From greater personalization to “social shopping,” retailers are finding technologically driven ways to meet shoppers’ needs – these are the retail trends we can expect to see in 2019.

Merchandising Video Tutorial

The purpose of merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. Click here to watch a video tutorial which highlights...

MamaMagic Baby Expo

The MamaMagic Baby Expo is headed back to Joburg in May 2019.

Best in global visual merchandising awarded

The winners of the 2019 International Visual Merchandising (VM) Awards were announced at the RetailExpo, a European retail trade event, in London earlier this month.


Shoplifting is exceptionally problematic for businesses of all sizes, costing the retail industry approximately $50 billion in 2016 according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).

9 Examples of Cross-merchandising In Action

You’ve used your superior marketing skills to attract customers into your store. Now, you need to entice these customers to make purchases by offering them solutions. Cross-merchandising products across categories is an effective merchandising technique to offer solutions to shoppers while increasing basket sizes.