2019 retail marketing and POP industry trends

By Katie Kochelek, marketing specialist at Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc

Vermont Sales Open Day

Join us at the Vermont Sales Open day this weekend.

Shoplifting Prevention 101: A Guide to Stopping Retail Theft

The crime of shoplifting is defined as the taking of merchandise offered for sale without paying. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention,...

Four digital transformation communication strategies

If you're running a business in 2019, digital transformation should be on your mind. It doesn't matter whether you're a one-man band decorating cakes at home, or stand at the head of a multi-national corporation with hundreds of employees - it affects you.

Are companies missing great branding opportunities?

In these tough economic times, don't overlook the opportunities that are right in front of you. Fleet branding is one of the most impactful...


Mindset matters more than income when it comes to feeling prosperous 50% of South African consumers feel ‘better off’ than they were five years ago

The need for speed in modern retail

In an age where leisure time is an increasingly precious commodity, customers are placing an even greater premium on convenience. While there are multiple societal factors driving this change, perhaps the most significant is the pressure we feel to make the most of our limited leisure time. That makes convenience a critical driver of decision making, particularly when it involves a purchase.

Shifting the cloud on consumer behaviour

With the festive season excitement now over, the start of 2019 has so far been bleak for the majority of retailers in South Africa, raising even more questions about the future of retail.

Bondhus USA the unique technically advanced Wrench range with a Lifetime...

Innovative Clever Tools from Bondhus. Creators of the revolutionary pivot head wrenches and the ingenious New Stubby Double Ball L-Wrenches.

Vermont Sales lands the colourful quality Real Steel brand exclusively

This top draw extensive Real Steel range of hammers and axes are now available in South Africa


The new normal for supply chains involves uncertainty, complexity and risk, according to international supply chain risk management specialist, Gregory Schlegel.

Is it time to Refresh your Digital Signage Network?

Like any other technology investment, digital signage networks need to be maintained and updated. As technologies and hardware develop, it is doesn’t take long before systems start looking outdated and performance suffers. But how often should digital signage hardware be replaced?


Prestigious sponsors that include Barloworld Logistics and software solutions specialist SYSPRO have confirmed their support of the upcoming annual SAPICS Conference, Africa’s leading knowledge sharing and networking event for supply chain professionals, which is hosted by SAPICS, The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management.

Retailers are tracking where you shop – and where you sleep

Retailers are finding all kinds of uses for location data from customers’ phones.

Retail Display Ideas to Try in Your Store

Retail displays and visual merchandising are — and will always be — essential in driving attention and conversion in brick-and-mortar retail. Studies have shown that much of the information that human beings process comes through the sense of sight.

Builders has a brand new flagship store in Boksburg

Builders, the chain for both DIY enthusiasts and building contractors, has a brand new store in Boksburg outside Johannesburg – and this time, it...

9 Examples of Cross-merchandising In Action

You’ve used your superior marketing skills to attract customers into your store. Now, you need to entice these customers to make purchases by offering them solutions. Cross-merchandising products across categories is an effective merchandising technique to offer solutions to shoppers while increasing basket sizes.


Shoplifting is exceptionally problematic for businesses of all sizes, costing the retail industry approximately $50 billion in 2016 according to the National Retail Federation (NRF).