The all-new icon in Powertools CAT introduces its DX12 cordless Power Drill, now available at all Makro outlets countrywide.

In every corner of the world, you will find a Cat® machine. Cat® is recognized as the leader in building and construction. Globally, the Cat® logo has become a legendary icon, often worn as a badge symbolizing grit, toughness, and a get-it-done attitude. Cat® products are engineered for superior performance, designed to last and backed by the largest, most experienced dealer support network in the world. 

“When the CAT operation gets into a new market, they do their homework and research along with extensive tests as they cannot afford to put their name to a new brand and product unless it’s one hundred percent perfect,” said Greg de Villiers power tool guru and brand manager for Vermont Sales. “They will not put their brand name to anything if it is not better than the competition, this is also what CAT customers demand and expect, it’s interesting to see the huge following and loyalty that the CAT brand has in South Africa, “ said de Villiers.  

Their new brushless motors have fewer wearable moving parts resulting in increased motor life, it is also said that the latest CAT brushless motor is the Best in the category, designed for professional applications to power heavy loads and maintain a charge during long, continuous work times. Offering precise electrical control technology delivering the ultimate performance, durability, and run-time.

All Cat® batteries and chargers are compatible across the entire line of 18V power tools. One interchangeable system charges every Cat® power tool, added to this is their Cat®lightning-fast chargers that fully recharge the Cat®18V 5.0Ah Graphene Li ion batteries in just 20 minutes.
The Cat® Charger system is designed to optimize charging by balancing the charge between each cell to maximize battery performance and run times. So, your Cat® tools are always ready to go when you are.

Fewer moving parts also result in a quiet running motor that never needs maintenance, the reduced friction enables a better use of available energy from the battery pack as there is no resistance from brushes, the Carbon brush resistance is eliminated, so less battery energy is wasted. The efficiency of a brushless motor results in a greater run time from each charge.

The Cat® battery protection system optimizes the Variable speed with reverse
LED light
Voltage: 18V
Chuck size: 13mm
No load speed: 0-500/0-2000/min
Max torque: 65N.m
Impact rate: 0-8000/0-32000bpm
Number of clutch positions: 22+1+1
Max. drilling capacity: wood 40mm, metal 13mm and masonry 16mm
Machine weight: 1.97Kg
2pc 2.0Ah Li-ion battery pack
Belt clip
Cat®lightning-fast Quick Charger
Variable Speed LED
Brushless Motor 13mm 65N.m 0-500/0-2000/min
Injection Carry box
CAT is a new brand at Vermont Sales and will soon be available, at Makro and an exclusive on line service for more information contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site