CAB Foods cares about the environment and are taking steps throughout our business, with our staff to make a difference. At the beginning of February, we launched an in-store initiative in collaboration with our customers to change the way we interact with the environment. To qualify each shopper had to spend at least R500 or more for a Spekboom to be planted at our head office on their behalf.

We were overwhelmed by the support we received as over 120 customers filled in their details to be a part of the change. On Valentine’s day, the founders, as well as the staff of CAB Foods, took the first step by planting the Spekbooms. To show our appreciation, each entry form was attached and dedicated to these generous customers.

“The Spekboom Challenge was the first step in a continuous effort to change the environment we work and live in” say Chantelle Lahoud, Director of CAB Foods “CAB Foods does not only care about creating memorable moments for our customers, we care about our environment too”.

“It is wonderful to see that over a very short period of time our customers jumped on board to support our Spekboom Challenge initiative” say Elaine Lahoud, Managing Director, CAB Foods. “We look forwards to joining more initiatives which make a change in our World.” 

The CAB Foods Promise
Everything you see at CAB Foods is either chosen with immense care or created from scratch at our family farm just outside Stellenbosch. To be sure you get only the best, all our products are regularly tested in the CAB Foods kitchen. We enjoy these tasting around the very kitchen table our grandmother taught her grandchildren the love of Cooking and Baking all those years ago. Whenever you bake or cook with a CAB Foods product, you are cooking and baking with love.