A lot of
guys struggle with the Monday slog of taking stock, fixing broken packaging and
sorting the reworks. Getting your
production assistant (wors maker) into the process of the reworks and deboning
into sausages, wors, braaiwors and spiced meat.  So what do we do as managers?  How do you manage your time and how do you
record your stocktake accurately so as to run a profitable butchery?  

We start by
managing your time and counting your stock on Saturday.  What stock you ask?  Spices and packaging of course.  This will save an hour to an hour and an half on
a busy Monday. This time that you save can be used to sort your reworks with
your production assistant, so that you make your department or business run
more effectively.  This time can serve
two purposes, a) this is a training section and b) you are building a strong
relationship with your staff.  

The next
problem is block tests.  These should be
done every week on all production, and that means your fresh cuts.  When comes to recording your stock take, if
you are in on a Sunday, before you go home you take your back stock into your
coldroom and freezer if you have one.  The
most important part of this strategy is that you need to fill your counters up
enough to last the day on Sunday.  

And here
comes Monday and the dreaded Monday blues.  Staff are working slowly as the hangovers are
still fresh, and the staff that are not drinkers are tired from a busy Sunday
with they in laws and kids.  Luckily all
we have left is the counter stock, and that is quick.  All you have to do is get two or three
trollies and pack your stock in them, sorted on how you want to record your
stock (on the scale or at the till or on a calculator).  Do you record your stock on a blank page or a
book?  The best way is to make a stock
take form with product codes.

In my
closing thoughts stock take is the single most important practice a manager
should be mastered in.  Do this and you
will be a valued part of any company, as you’re measured by a company on your
ability to make targets and create the best gross profit. The biggest tip I can
give anyone is to perform the best you can and be invaluable to the business.  This way you earn the highest salary you can
make for your family.

Lloyd on 076 102 2003 or lloydrobins123@gmail.com