Since they were first marketed, mesh nebulizers have become a viable treatment alternative for the delivery of high-value nebulized medicines in treating conditions such as chronic respiratory diseases, lung infections and severe allergic reactions.1

Due to the ease of use, portability, convenience and energy efficiency, mesh nebulizers such as the NebzmartTM portable nebulizer are now preferred over jet nebulizers.1

Mesh nebulizers use micropump technology for aerosol production, forcing liquid medicines through multiple apertures in a mesh or aperture plate to generate aerosol. The small, portable devices are powered by either battery or electricity, they have virtually silent operation, shorter treatment duration, increased output efficiency, and minimal residual volume.2

In a study evaluating mesh, jet an ultrasonic nebulizers for clinical outcomes, the results showed that mesh nebulizers were more efficient than jet nebulizers and that they can provide higher medicine doses to patients while in vitro studies demonstrated approximately 2-3 times higher lung deposition with mesh nebulizers when compared to jet nebulizers.2

Advantages of mesh nebulizers include consistent and improved aerosol generation efficiency, a predominantly fine-particle fraction reaching into the peripheral lung, low residual volume, and the ability to nebulize in low drug volumes.2

Other benefits include:


• Many treatments can be administered from one charge or set of batteries

• There is minimal medicine loss and residual volume

Treatment time

• Treatment time is ultra-fast between 3-10 minutes 


• They can be powered with electricity or batteries and are compact and lightweight, allowing for an active lifestyle and improved convenience


• Unlike jet nebulizers, they are virtually silent when operated

Easy to use and assemble

• They only have two parts that can be assembled in one step.

However, it should be noted that due to the higher efficiency of mesh nebulizers, the dosages of medicine formulations may need adjustment to prevent adverse effects because of a possible overdose. Patients should therefore be monitored closely during treatment for clinical responses and side effects.

About the Nebzmart TM nebuliser 3,4

• Nebulizing aids in the treatment of conditions such as asthma, croup, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and cystic fibroses.

• It has advanced mesh technology which makes it virtually silent, ensuring better medicine delivery and improved compliance.

• It is a palm-sized, battery-operated device which makes it easy to travel with and easy to use anytime, anywhere.

• It is the ideal nebulizing device for mums with children who require nebulizing or adults who have acute or chronic respiratory diseases.


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