Immunity improves a person’s ability to face life’s challenges. It boosts energy and vitality which affects one’s physical strength, appearance and mental acuity.

Bettamed™ Tablets (and liquid) provide for advanced healing by removing infection and pollution from the body™ as waste. This allows the body to function at a higher level because it is not battling germs on its own.

Bettamed™ works naturally to boost nutritional absorption by up to 500%. This boosts immune function, protects skin, slows signs of ageing and soothes skin issues, like eczema. It lowers free radical damage and inflammation and safeguards brain health. It improves digestion of iron and calcium, enhances energy levels and protects bone health. The increased bio availability of magnesium and subsequent Vitamin B absorption promotes speedy recovery from stress, and exercise. Bettamed™ is fortified with Selenium and L-Glutamine, which makes it a valuable support after illness or surgery.

Bettamed™ (CHD-FA) – is a pure form of fulvic acid derived from organic sources instead of ground sources. Bettamed’s active ingredient is on the World Health Organisations’ (WHO) “prioirity” list and which confirms its place in the international medical community.

Bettamed™ can be safely used together with chronic medications and supplements and are safe to use on children.


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