The Bel Group has announced its ambition to provide a plant-based offering for each one of its core brands, as well as the launch of a new international brand fully dedicated to plant-based products in the next coming months.

The news comes after Bel agreed to acquire a majority stake in French plant-based start-up All in Foods that produces the Nature & Moi brand, which is in line with its previously-announced strategy ‘For All. For Good’.

Last year, Bel announced its commitment to expand its activities beyond cheese products and develop hybrid products that integrate dairy and plant-based raw materials.

In accelerating its transformation strategy, Bel has announced numerous innovation products in different markets with major launches in the plant-based category.

From the end of this month, Bel will sell a plant-based version of Boursin on the American market through Amazon Fresh. Meanwhile, the company is also developing a plant-based Mini Babybel project that will be launched next year in the US.

Additionally, Bel has launched functional product lines under its Babybel brand including Babybel 5G Protein. Babybel Plus – with one product containing probiotics and another one enriched with vitamins – will follow at the end of this year.  

As part of its action towards meeting its 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging target by 2025, Bel has been involved in partnerships with TerraCycle to create national packaging recycling programmes. To date, 84% of the company’s packaging is already biodegradable or recyclable.

Bel’s executive vice-president, Cécile Béliot, said: “For the past year, we have been accelerating the Group’s transformation, with the conviction that a responsible and profitable growth is possible: an enlightened ‘capitalism’ that is moving from a logic of balance of power to a logic of value sharing, beyond any major stakes. This is what guides all the Group’s actions today.”