Baobab Nutritional Brands is start-up business that has been operating out of Johannesburg since May 2018, producing a wide range of affordable, nutrient-rich, ready-to-eat products in re-sealable pouches. 

Baobab’s first range produced is a range of convenient and nutritious products for babies, toddlers and children under the De-lish brand name. The De-lish range contains no added preservatives, colourants or artificial flavourings. They are also fortified with a wide range of vitamins and minerals to provide a significant proportion of children’s daily Dietary Recommended Allowance (RDA) requirements. 

“We have created a range of products to help busy parents ensure that their children get all the nutritional goodness they need to grow up into healthy, strong and smart individuals,” says Vimal Gowan, Founder and CEO of Baobab Nutritional Brands. “We aim to prepare tasty, nutritious, anytime baby food to assist parents as they lead their little one on a nutritional journey through the critical first 1 000 days of life, and beyond.” 

De-lish products are made with South African children in mind, using locally-sourced ingredients and familiar flavours they know and love.  Guided by nutrition specialists, De-lish contains added vitamins and minerals to provide growing children with the key micronutrients they need for their development, both mentally and physically. These include Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C, as well as selenium, iodine and calcium amongst others. “This nutritious boost of added vitamins is a real first for baby food pouches in South Africa,” says Gowan.  

The new De-lish pouch range combines premium quality fresh fruit puree with maize soft porridge, oh-so-tasty oats, smooth yoghurt or creamy custard. There is also a pure fruit variety made from Banana, Pear/Banana, or Apple/Banana. The De-lish Instant Porridge range is made from pre-cooked instant maize to create a quick-and-easy meal for your little one. The creamy maize porridge comes in three yummy flavours to choose from: Original, Banana, and Honey. De-lish Instant Mabele is also available with the goodness of sorghum.

De-lish products are Halaal compliant, certified by the South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA), guaranteeing the Halaal mark of assurance.

Baobab has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and a world-class manufacturing facility to produce a range of ready-to-eat products. The facility is fully automated and is designed to ensure maximum levels of quality control, from the receipt of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods, including full traceability of all ingredients.

As a start-up manufacturing business, Baobab Nutritional Brands passed its first Food Safety Audit (FSA) in February 2019, resulting in a Gold Certificate of Achievement and complies with stringent quality control standards of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), guaranteeing product quality and safety.