In these tough economic times, don’t overlook the opportunities that are right in front of you. Fleet branding is one of the most impactful and affordable yet underestimated and underutilised of the signage solutions. It has the potential to reach thousands of customers every day and allows for localised messaging.

In short, fleet branding is more effective than using static location signage only and a reasonably priced alternative to costly billboards. They can be used as mobile commercials, allowing you to unobtrusively reach out to thousands of customers every day that your vehicle in on the road, and as per Nielsen’s Global Survey of New Product Purchase Sentiment, “when people recognise a brand, they develop trust in it and are more likely to buy from you”. Branding fleet vehicles can be a useful avenue for advertising, communicating company and/or product messages at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. 
Unlike billboards and advertisements that have consistent recurring costs you can change your fleet branding as often, or as seldom, as you like; and your branding may be as simple as adding your logo to the truck door or as elaborate as full-colour full-vehicle wraps. Either way, the initial investment is a mere portion of the cost of other long-term campaigns and will generate results for years. Consider brightly coloured wrapped vehicles – they stand out on the road and attract attention. Similarly consider as succinct a message as possible – the old adage, “less is more”, rings true. 
Messages can be targeted to your local market, often producing exceptional results because consumers like to support the local community and nearby businesses. And what’s more, vehicle wraps help protect your vehicle body from scratches and minor dents, leaving them in a better condition when the wrap is removed. Reflective graphics can also provide additional safety at night, if that’s your business. 
It’s also worth noting that branded vehicles are less likely to be highjacked due to their being more noticeable over ‘plain’ unbranded vehicles. 
Darren Kirby, Managing Director of Technique Media, says, “I believe that companies have an opportunity to use their assets more effectively to help drive brand awareness. In certain instances, targeted and creatively driven campaigns can be more effective than traditional methods of advertising. Moreover, clients may be surprised at how cost effective and impactful digital solutions can be when it comes to enhancing their customers’ experience.” 
He says that when looking into fleet branding you need to research the costs involved and weigh them up against your objectives and the possible return on investment (ROI) that fleet branding may bring. If you already have a vehicle the cost is simply for wrapping it. 
“The value of using a turnkey solution like Technique Media for this type of logistically challenging job is priceless. We can consult on a range of branding services and we have the ability to effect delivery locally or nationally. With a range of services like ours we do make for a very convenient and beneficial service provider,” Kirby adds. 
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