The company, which produces brands such as Aperol, Campari, Wild Turkey
and Grand Marnier, says that performance was boosted by continued improvement
of its key brands in core markets.

Adjusted EBIT rose 8.7% on an organic basis to €380.5 million, and adjusted
group net profit grew by 17.5% to €233.4 million.

“We achieved a strong performance across the key indicators in
full-year 2017, consistently delivering on strategy thanks to our focus and
disciplined execution,”
 said Bob Kunze-Concewitz, chief executive
of Campari Group.

“This achievement enabled us to fuel accelerated investments in brand
building and distribution enhancing initiatives for future growth and, at the
same time, expand our EBIT margin ahead of sales growth.”

Brand Boost

Campari Group says that full-year sales increases were seen by its global
priorities (+7.7%), driven by Aperol and Campari, as well as regional
priorities (+13%), driven by Espolòn, Bulldog, and GlenGrant.

In particular, the group’s largest brand, Aperol, continued to outperform, with
overall sales up by 19.5%, driven by sustained growth in the brand’s core
markets (Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland), as well as double-digit
growth in ‘high potential markets’, such as France (+27.3%), Spain (+40%), and
the US (+51.3%).

Campari Group is expecting to continue the positive growth trend this year.

“Looking ahead into 2018, our outlook remains fairly balanced in a
still uncertain macroeconomic scenario for some emerging markets,”

“We remain confident in achieving a positive performance across the key
indicators into 2018, driven by the continued outperformance of the high-margin
global and regional priorities in the key developed markets.”


Source: Fastmoving