American MicroJig the leading range of technically advanced wood working Jigs – Now available in South Africa

MicroJig are the leading designers and manufacturers of innovative woodworking jigs

Every nine minutes, someone is injured by a table saw because of a finger too close to the blade or a faulty push stick. At the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta recently MICROJIG launched a complete solution aimed at halting all table saw injuries, from kickback to finger amputation.  MICROJIG, the leader in table saw accessories, unveiled the GRR-RIPPER and all their new products the complete collection. The GRR-RIPPER kit has everything a woodworker needs to create projects with top-to-the-line precision, safety and control. .

 “Micro Jig is a huge new brand for our retailers and the wood working market adding a comprehensive range of accessories to our wood working and accessory business, offering our customers new technically advanced products,” said Dale Englebrecht Director Vermont Sales. MicroJig is a superb brand as it compliments and fits in perfectly with our existing brands. There range covers every conceivable jig required by the industry, improving and increasing our lead in the wood working and accessory business, along with the added safety that comes with all Micro Jigs products,” said Englebrecht.     

The product range starts with all the popular key models and accessories 
1. GGR-RIPPER 3 D Push Block
2. The GRR-RIPPER Advanced Model
3. Perfect-fitting dados
4. Smart Tapers
5. Make your cut with the MICRODIAL
6. SteelPro splitters
7. Fool proof installation into your Zero Clearance insert (ZCI).
8. MJ Splitter SteelPro
9. Hassle-free miter bars
10. Zero play
11. Zero Play Miter Stop 
12. Build custom hold-downs for T-TRACK miter slots.

NB To get all the information on all the product features and uses and to view the entire range and the HOW THEY WORK VIDEO’S go to 

About MICROJIG, Inc.
MICROJIG, the No. 1 brand and product leader in table saw accessories and safety, has been introducing innovative solutions to the woodworking industry for more than 15 years. The company aims to make it safer and more intuitive for people to succeed at their passions and build their dreams. The company was started in 2001 in an Orlando, Florida, garage by Henry Wang, a woodworking hobbyist who knew there had to be a better, safer way to complete his projects. Since the release of the original GRR-RIPPER, the company has grown to offer 12 distinct product lines serving 20 countries and continues to engineer innovative solutions. Several of MICROJIG’s products are No. 1 best sellers. The company is on a mission to end all table saw injuries by 2020.  

MicroJig is a new leading brand from Vermont Sales and is available at all leading specialist outlets countrywide for more information talk to your retail outlet or contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their web site